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Emergency Management Planning, Procedures and Training

Statcom Systems is able to offer a wide range of services to help the Facilities Manager meet their various State-based WHS or OHS obligations in relation to Emergency Management Planning and the provision of Training for its staff. Statcom Systems has several trained Emergency Planning Consultants ready to help establish a compliant Emergency Plan, prepare suitable Emergency Response Procedures and to ensure all appropriate staff are trained to respond to any likely emergency situation.

The services which Statcom Systems offers are:

Emergency Plan

Initial Assessment of Site Emergency Plan and Training Requirements

Statcom Systems will assist the organisation to establish an Emergency Plan in compliance with AS3745-2010 and  AS4083-2010 if the facility was a Health Care Facility. The Emergency Plan will be based on the outcome of a thorough assessment of all the likely emergencies which could occur at that specific facility.

The Emergency Plan must take into consideration the location, size and staff demographic.

A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) must be prepared for all people with disabilities.

The Training needs of all people likely to be included in the Emergency Control Organisation will be recorded during this initial Assessment.

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Emergency Response Procedures (ERP)

ERP Manual provided in 2 Ring Folder

Statcom Systems will help prepare a written set of Emergency Response Procedures and supply an AS3745-2010 or AS4083-2010 compliant Emergency Response Procedures Manual. The manual will include the following sections:

  • Section One – Building Safety with important emergency phone contact information, structure of the Emergency Planning Committee and Emergency Control Organisation. Includes important Fire Safety equipment installed.
  • Section Two – Wardens with their Roles and responsibilities
  • Section Three – Procedures for each of the various emergency situations identified for that specific site.
  • Section Four – Plans including a copy of each Evacuation Diagram showing Assembly Areas
  • Section Five – Checklists including Copies of PEEP‘s, Evacuation Exercise Records and Checklists, Warden Training Records, etc.


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ECO & Fire Wardens

Statcom Systems can provide training of the Senior Executives and Safety Staff nominated as officers who are members of the Emergency Planning Committee so they all understand their roles and responsibilities.

Emergency Control Organisation training can be provided by Statcom Systems to ensure the members of the ECO will be able to respond to an emergency in accordance with the written Emergency Response Procedures agreed to. This training may also include practical Fire Extinguisher Training if the organisation’s policy is to have its staff fight a fire in its early stages.

Fire Extinguisher Training and Warden Training can also be provided online for Warden Skills Retention purposes or to satisfy the Initial Instruction Training required in Queensland for new staff.
Emergency Planning Consultants

Online Training

Fire Wardens and Staff

Fire Extinguisher Training and Warden Training can also be provided Online for Warden Skills Retention purposes or to satisfy the Initial Instruction Training required in Queensland for new staff. At the conclusion of each Online Session, the learner will be provided with a Certificate as proof of satisfactorily completing the learning exercise, whilst the Manager can be provided with a report which identifies all staff who have completed the training.
Online Training Portal

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Evacuation Diagrams

Floor Plans created in autoCAD

Evacuation Diagrams will be prepared for the facility in accordance with AS3745-2010 whilst in Queensland, Evacuation Diagrams and Signs will be prepared in accordance with the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulations.

The quantity and size of the Evacuation Diagrams and Signs will initially be determined from floor plans provided to Statcom’s Emergency Planning Consultants, but can be varied in consultation with the Emergency Planning Committee.

The Evacuation Diagrams can be supplied in various formats though pre-mounted in aluminium frames has become quite standard.

Statcom prepares all its Evacuation Diagrams in autoCAD and would consider providing the Evacuation Diagrams as .dwg files for an additional fee.
Evacuation Diagrams

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Evacuation Exercises

Pre-Exercise Briefing and Post-Exercise Report

Statcom Systems can assist in carrying out and reporting on the Annual Evacuation Exercises each facility must carry out. Some facilities may require two Evacuation Exercises each year in order that all staff shifts are covered.


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Fire Warden Equipment

Warden Clothing, Accessories and Storage Cabinets

Statcom Systems can provide a range of Warden Vests, Caps, Helmets, Evacuation Packs, First Aid Kits and many other Warden accessories.



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Emergency Planning Consultants

Trained and Licensed Fire Safety Advisors

Statcom Systems has several fully trained and licensed Emergency Planning Consultants and Fire Safety Advisors (QLD) to assist the client with understanding all the various requirements of the legislation in each State and how to comply with the Australian Standards AS3745-2010 and AS4083-2010.